A simple five page informational website is a cost effective way to establish your business on the web. Establishing a web presence is one of the most significant decisions you can make for your business. More people use the web to shop for information, services and products than ever before. If you're not there, you can bet your competitors are.

Informational Websites

Informational web site design is also commonly referred to as online brochure web sites. Usually simple in design and content, they provide descriptions and photos of your business' services or products. Another type of informational website are portfolio websites. These are inexpensive websites for business, professional or personal use.

According to a December 2008 survey performed by TNS, 63% of Internet users researched a product or service before buying it. If people can't find your company on the web, you might as well not exist. A website is a very powerful, inexpensive marketing and advertising tool ... absolutely the most effective way to promote your business services or products to your target market and generate sales for your bottom line.