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Web Development & Digital Marketing

Byte Me Geeks helps businesses grow their brand, expand their online reach and dominate their market. We provide Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, and Video Production services.

We have strategically partnered with other companies who, like us, also place heavy emphasis on long-term client relationships, quality of products or best-in-class services offered, and customer satisfaction. We not only create professional websites and mobile apps that will effectively promote your products or services to your target audience and generate sales for your bottom line, but also provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions that will grow your brand enabling you to dominate your market.

We know from experience that our customers can only get results by creating an effective mix of website design, function and promotion. Combining these core elements with cutting edge technology, customer service and innovation sets us apart from the competition. Call 417.429.1633 today and let us help you find a solution for your web development and digital marketing needs.

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Propel Your Business Forward ... Get Results, Starting Today ! With Web Development and Digital Marketing services engineered to increase your business and bottom line.

What We Do

We Generate The Maximum Return On Investment (ROI) For Our Clients.

That ROI can be measured in terms of increased internet visibility, attracting new contacts and referrals that convert into new customers, sales and repeat business.

Market Data Blueprints
Market Data Blueprints Our Market Data Blueprints precisely map out the digital marketing strategy to successfully grow your brand and dominate your market.
Brand Optimization
Brand Optimization Search Engines today demand strong brands that deliver on their promises. They expect if they send you visitors, you’ll give them what they came to find.
Traffic Our innovative strategies combined with proprietary software makes your brand stand out to search engines, so they know it's relevant and sought after -- giving a green light to send you traffic.
Conversion Traffic has no value if it doesn’t convert into sales. We have expert conversion specialists available to help you dial in all the elements that get those sales.

Who We Are

Our lead geek has specialized in the fields of IT, Media and Marketing since 1983, and has focused primarily in Web Development and Digital Marketing since 2001.
Because Byte Me Geeks places heavy emphasis on long-term client relationships, quality of services offered and customer satisfaction, we have several clients who have been with us at least 10+ years and a few who have been with us since 2001. Client satisfaction is very important to us and confirmed by the fact that the majority of our business has developed from client referrals. We believe that our customers’ loyalty is a testament to the quality of service we provide.

Byte Me Geeks is -- and always will be -- a closely knit group of independent consultants who specialize in their fields of expertise and offer their services "white labeled" and/or under their own name or brand.

Although we launched the Byte Me Geeks website in 2006, we did not become an "official" business entity until 2009.
Prior to that, we white labeled our services to a variety of businesses, as we continue to do to this day.

We Focus On Your Bottom Line

At Byte Me Geeks, we are determined to provide a comprehensive line of services that not only meet the needs of a constantly evolving industry, but exceed them as well.

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