Targeted internet video advertising for local business enables you to crush your competition. Search engine optimized videos, web video ads and "infovideos" not only work, but work fast. Traditional SEO and SEM practices took months to get you on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Now we can offer those results in days, sometimes only hours with Video Marketing (aka Video SEO or VSEO).

How does Video Marketing work so quickly?

Search engines are always crawling the web looking for new content. SEO online videos posted to the most popular video sharing sites will get your business found in the natural search results with either (or both) a video link or text link to your video page and/or website (results vary depending on keyword phrase and competition).

We continue to conduct ongoing local video advertising research to maintain the absolute best strategy possible for long term top ranking results for our clients. SEO videos are picked up hourly by the search engines and directories and quickly get phenomenal search engine results.

Just imagine what internet video advertising could do to improve your bottom line... And we are talking days, sometimes hours — not months here.

Video Marketing Achieves Top Search Engine Rankings

Video SEO (VSEO) has become a key component of successful online marketing strategies and campaigns.

Video sharing sites like YouTube and Yahoo Video get millions of visitors a day, many looking for information about local businesses in their area. Local video marketing will make sure they find you. ByteMeGeeks' VSEO internet video marketing service will put your business in front of your target market, turning viewers into buyers.

Video Marketing

A study by Forrester Research found that videos, properly submitted, were 53 times more likely to generate first page Google rankings than traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. So, what does this mean to your business? If potential customers visit your website as part of their decision-making process, a video will raise their comfort level and encourage them to take action.

Viewer Studies show that: 21% of viewers make a purchase; 26% of viewers visit a store after watching a video; and 21% of video viewers request more information.

Video does 3 things REALLY well: 1. Drives Traffic; 2. Converts Viewers Into Buyers; and 3. Ranks Well in the Search Engines. Video is a great way to bring in new customers and increase sales.

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Being on the first page of Google is NOT a guarantee that your phone will ring and sales will shoot through the roof. If you are not competitively priced or have a better mouse trap than your competition -- or worse yet, there is no demand -- you don’t stand a chance regardless of where you are on the web.

Our money back guarantee does not ensure increased traffic, sales, leads or calls. We can put you in front of potential customers, but we cannot make them want what you provide.