Do you think social networking is only for keeping up with friends and family? Think again. Social network marketing is one of the fastest growing market segments today.

Businesses that have Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts easily communicate with their customers in real time and are able to instantly share new product announcements, sales and special events. Advertisements and announcements that were previously sent through email and more often than not didn't even make it to the "inbox" because they were filtered as "junk mail" or captured in the spam filter, now reaches thousands of followers through social media. But, let's flip that coin. Don't underestimate the power of the ability to proactively respond in real time to any potential issues with services, problems or product recalls.

The word-of-mouth referral is priceless and there is no better way to spread the word than with social media. Our social media marketing services will enhance your online image, increase your credibility, and position your website (and your business) as a leader in your industry. Join the social media revolution and develop relationships with your customers that will further enhance your online visibility, build your credibility, as well as drive additional targeted traffic to your site.

Socialnomics = Word Of Mouth On Digital Steroids

Social Media Revolution: Social Media isn't a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

To run an effective social media advertising campaign, your business needs fresh, informative content supplied from your business' blog. Your company blog will draw and engage your target audience, thus enabling you to participate in the social community. The social community generates extremely targeted traffic, but only in the learning and researching stage of the buying process. For this reason, it is more important to educate and inform instead of pushing a product or service while social networking. Hard core selling or advertising will shut you and your business down fast on a social network.

Social Marketing: Social Listening, Social Influencing, Social Networking, Social Selling

The goal is to relate to your audience on their level, connect with them, becoming a source of information and an authority in your market, not a marketer. Once you've connected with your community and established your business' credibility, only then will you see your audience convert to customers. With the right approach, a company can build community and strengthen consumer interest by taking advantage of the social media network's unlimited reach and the incredible opportunity to connect and communicate with customers in an entirely new way.

Social Media And Business Blogs

Consumers are looking for more than just products to buy online. The web has evolved with socialnomics, pushing eCommerce to the next level. The amount of information available on the internet makes it easier to research and comparison shop before buying, enabling shoppers to make the right choice when spending their hard earned money. Understanding what it takes to connect with these consumers is the key to success, because not only do we need them to find us, we need them to trust us and feel confidence in purchasing our products or services. The average onine shopper wants to have complete confidence in their purchase, from the quality of the product or service to the credibility of the merchant, and everything in between. The most effective way to meet these additional requirements is to develop a business blog in conjunction with an eCommerce website.