Many business owners lose their way when diving into branding and marketing. They have a fantastic idea, but are quickly overwhelmed. An effective digital branding and marketing strategy starts with a solid foundation. This often confusing and complex process doesn't need to be stressful when you have a proven strategy and strong plan that uncovers hidden markets and enables you to devour the entire market. Wouldn't you prefer to have the ability not just to succeed, but to grow your brand and dominate your market at the same time?

Market Data Blueprints

Why Start With A Blueprint?

With decades of experience, we have perfected a process that always produces positive results, no matter the market or industry. This proven process is consistently effective in businesses ranging from niche-based products or services to entertainment, technical, medical, legal, local service-based, national franchises, and everything in between.

The common factors in each HIGHLY successful campaign includes a detailed audit of everything involved and a plan by which to measure and reach goals. When implemented, the "blueprint" has a proven success rate of 100 percent!

The Market Data Blueprint is NOT a service. It is a comprehensive document that is an invaluable strategic resource and training system that builds out your Digital Marketing Foundation. It provides a unique configuration of data customized to your specific business and its success.

The Five Phases Of The Market Data Blueprint


IS-DNA is an acronym for Industry / Innovation / Invention Solution DNA. The letter "I" interchangeably stands for Industry / Innovation / Invention; and the letter "S" stands for Solution. When we speak of "DNA" in reference to our Market Data Blueprints, we simply mean, "components of" or "building blocks of."

So, "IS-DNA" translates into the building blocks of your innovation or invention that you have provided to your industry.

In this phase, your consultant works closely with you to solidify what you're selling from a buyer's perspective. This includes anticipated profits -- used to calculate marketing ROI (return on investment) -- and building client demographics help target the marketing system. The information and basic data collected here will be used to build out a solution-based FAQ/SAQ (frequently asked questions / should ask questions) content plan uniquely engineered to attract leads in your industry. This will be implemented in later phases.

PHASE 2: Market DNA Research

We take the research from Phase 1 and build a baseline keyword list. This list is then run through a proprietary "Natural Language Processing" research tool to find other phrases enabling us to build a detailed theme based on the services and/or products you offer. These themes are separated into research groups, which are then compiled into targeted keyword lists. Then, we build out competitive intelligence along with a semantic search engine indexing strategy for each theme. The resulting data is then used to produce a detailed report showing the estimated ROI and level of work required to rank each individual keyword, so that a value can be assigned.

PHASE 3: Technical Foundation

Once the demographic, keyword and theme research is complete, we analyze your existing marketing assets. We run detailed audits on websites, landing pages, funnels, and social media accounts. These audits detail what work has been done and what still needs to be completed. In this phase, we also discover the amount of labor required and when it will be needed to implement the complete strategy. This encompasses all branded assets required to control your market from social media to website needs. We also map out the silo structure for a site that will be built from the ground up with the entire marketing strategy in mind to ensure the success of the whole system.

Technical Foundation: Silo Structure

PHASE 4: Content Development Coaching

With all the research in hand, your consultant works with you on how to develop content for your silo website. We provide you with content templates that include a style of writing and content production that enables it to be syndicated easily across the web, thus building your brand and authority.

PHASE 5: Web Ring

We document all requirements and build a schedule for producing and publishing your content. This information dictates your Personal Brand Broadcast Network (PBBN) design and structure to ensure the success of your blueprint implementation enabling you to not only to dominate your market, but to devour the entire thing.