Let us help you grow your brand and dominate your market. To succeed in today's market, your business not only has to stand out, it has to have a competetive edge.

Byte Me Geeks specializes in helping businesses dominate their market with our market data blueprints that provides the precise strategy to build a good foundation for digital marketing and brand optimization.

We help businesses succeed online through proven and powerful methods in optimizing and maximizing their online brand presence using a variety of proprietary tools and innovative strategies. When we add paid traffic, social media retargeting and search engagement combined with analytics and visibility report insights, your brand will dominate your online local and national markets.

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Market Data Blueprints

Our Market Data Blueprints precisely map out the digital marketing and brand optimization strategy to successfully grow your brand and dominate your market. These Blueprints are a critical first step in any online marketing project because they create a strong foundation made up of the fundamental building blocks providing detailed competitive analysis that includes keyword analysis, competitive intelligence, ROI projections, online market demographics, and more -- thus, producing the most leads and sales opportunities possible.

Success doesn't just happen online. If you want to build your business and own that market, you need a detailed plan with trackable goals built with proprietary, cutting edge technology and proven systems by our team of expert marketing consultants. Our blueprint process gets consistently successful results 100 percent of the time. Blueprinting your digital marketing and branding is a consulting process that provides a clear path to being an innovator in your industry and dominating your market.

What Is The Value Of Your Brand?
Brand Optimization Strategy

Brand Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a stand-alone marketing strategy is a process of the past, and although we still optimize on-page website content, it is important to remember that everything continually evolves on the internet. Have you implemented the latest strategies, cutting edge technologies and systems that will optimize your brand? Are you even aware of them? Outdated, offsite SEO marketing strategies have now emerged as UXO (User Experience Optimization) services to drive customers and leads. Google measures and monitors the user’s experience, why shouldn’t you?

Build A Powerful Brand

Google only ranks brands, which means you need to have a positive, solid online presence optimized for everything from desktop to mobile. Your brand is how people will first meet you... how they will come to know you and will determine if they decide to reach out to you. Do not underestimate the power of a brand, especially online. The large corporations all over the world understand this well and are VERY concerned about it... You should be, too.

Dominate Your Local Or National Market

In your brand, your value can only be created in the eyes of your customer. If the brand is about "you," then you are missing the point. Many businesses fail to recognize that through the messaging, your value has to be recognized through the eyes of your customers. Everything you do MUST be from your customers' perspective. Once that is established, then combining the power of your brand along with our Market Data Blueprint intelligence and premium ranking strategies, your market domination is easy to achieve.

Reputation Marketing

Our easy to use Reputation Marketing and Management Software makes building, managing and promoting your online reputation easy. Turn customer feedback into 5 Star Reviews... Our software offers a safe and simple way to build your 5 star reputation on autopilot, as well as eliminate the worry about negative reviews being posted about your company in the process.

Traditional Advertising Doesn't Work Anymore

Local Marketing

Online marketing has drastically changed over the years, but the greatest advances have come in the area of ranking local websites and listings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also evolved into something much different, no longer considered a stand-alone "marketing" strategy. Although websites still need to be search engine optimized, the "SEO" marketing process has evolved into what we now call UXO, or User Experience Optimization. This is the process of optimizing the user’s experience starting with the search, and then carrying this through to the website where we direct them to our ultimate goal ... conversion to either a phone call, or capturing their information as a lead.

Proven strategies and techniques employed by our advanced marketing team help our clients obtain their specific needs and objectives. We have a diverse strategy that triggers all of Google’s indicators that signify a user is having a great experience after finding you. These triggers add up and eventually convince Google that you are the most relevant and popular in your niche. This means you rank. Once they do this, your optimized website directs the customer to your goal of either calling or capturing their information for future sales.

Social Marketing

Does your business connect with your customers? Social media is big enough to eclipse the search engines. This form of marketing has become the most effective and popular way to generate business, build credibility and customer relationships, and the results can be immediate. Tapping into social media isn't a one-time process -- it requires constant maintenance and participation. A business blog is key in social media marketing, it's necessary to manage brand and identity, provide positive influence, inform, communicate with and entice potential customers.

What is social media? It consists of social networking, video, photo, and bookmarking websites. There are significant differences between them, but all have similar characteristics. Examples of social networking sites are Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and other sites centered on user connections, meaning the social interaction forms the basis for the website.

Successful Social Marketing builds fans, generates leads and provides good customer service.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Targeted online video marketing for local companies enables you to crush your competition. Search engine optimized web video profiles, ads and "info-videos" not only work, but work effectively. Search engines are always crawling the web looking for new content. SEO videos posted to the most popular video sharing sites will get your business found in the natural search results with either (or both) a video link or text link to your video page and/or website (results vary depending on keyword phrase and competition).

We conduct ongoing video marketing research to maintain the absolute best strategy possible for long term top ranking results for our clients. SEO videos are picked up hourly by the search engines and directories and quickly get phenomenal search engine results. Just imagine what internet video advertising could do to improve your bottom line.

Video sharing sites like YouTube and Yahoo Video get millions of visitors a day, many looking for information about local businesses in their area. Local video marketing will make sure they find you. Byte Me Geeks' VSEO online video marketing service will put your business in front of your target market, turning viewers into buyers.

Paid Traffic & Advertising

Get quality leads and sales through paid search, Real Time Bidding (RTB), advanced retargeting, Programmatic Buying, Facebook Advertising, and much more.

Driving Traffic That Converts

We level the playing field for small- to mid-sized businesses with "Enterprise" Media Tools and Programmatic Buying Expertise. Programmatic Digital Advertising delivers the right ad to the right person at the right time through RTB!

Converting Audiences Into Assets

Our data-driven strategies help reach your unique audience through Digital Advertising -- and turns them into customers. We Know Your Audience by analyzing tons of audience data to more effectively market to them. We Find Your Audience by gathering behavioral and demographic data about your potential customers, learning how and where to find them... everywhere they spend time online. We Reach Your Audience through data intelligence that assists us in understanding them, so we know the types of creative and messaging that will resonate with them... as well as when it's the best time to catch their attention. We Convert Your Audience by implementing cutting edge technology and developing strategies that will convert your perfect audience into customers!

Proven Path To Success

Market Data Blueprints Our Market Data Blueprints precisely map out the digital marketing strategy to successfully grow your brand and dominate your market.
Brand Optimization There are only three ways to grow a business. 1. Get new customers; 2. Get Customers to spend more per transaction; 3. Get customers to purchase more frequently.

Once we have your traffic and conversion bringing in new customers, we can help you implement the same strategies that successful companies like Apple, Amazon and Coke use to scale profits.
Drive Traffic That Converts Search Engines today demand strong brands that deliver on their promise. They expect if they send you visitors, you’ll give them what they came to find.

Byte Me Geeks' innovative strategies and systems combined with proprietary software makes your brand stand out in the eyes of the search engines, so they know your brand is relevant and sought after. This gives companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo a green light to send you traffic.
Conversion Traffic has no value if it doesn’t convert into sales. Byte Me Geeks has expert conversion specialists available to help you dial in all the elements that get those sales.

Our conversion team has run over $50,000,000 in traffic, so we understand how to get ROI.

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