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Car Rental Agency
Search Traffic Restored With SEO & UXO Services

An employee removed all of the SEO that was in place, causing a steep plummet in search engine traffic. We were hired (white labeled under another company's brand) to restore this traffic, rebuild their websites and rank them in Organic Listings, Google Maps (Google+), and YouTube.

Description Of Work

When all the SEO was dismantled for this company, it was disastrous. The charts clearly show that their traffic plummeted -- and their sales fell drastically along with it. It took about two months to regain the lost traffic using a combination of traditional SEO and UXO (User Experience Optimization) services.

This was extremely successful due to the fact that our UXO services fulfills a critical check within Google's algorithms for ranking. When Google finds that a company is getting a bunch of links from related sites, they only give half credit for them until they can be validated through another method to ensure true popularity.

True popularity is confirmed when people directly search for this company or brand in a variety of ways showing desire, interest and trust enough to spend time looking for and visiting the site. According to Google's ranking algorithm published at the U.S. Patents Office in March of 2014, these behaviors and actions compliment each other to give full value to those links, thus allowing those sites to rank quickly.

Rankings For A Single Keyword

There were very few rankings when we started. As of January 2015, the client dominated with over 700 similarly targeted keywords in seven major U.S. cities.

Ranking Report