Keyword Autocomplete

Autocomplete Keyword Test Project Pays Off

East Coast Car Dealership
Untested New Concept Pays Off Big During 90-Day Test Run!

This 90-day test project was launched August 14, 2014 with the participation of 11 dealerships. Google had just made the largest change to autocomplete in history, yet we moved forward with confidence that the right thing would happen. Although this took a little longer than some campaigns, we did hit the mark and surpassed our target goal by almost 18%.

The client was nervous at the beginning because this was such a new concept. The concept was sound, but untested in their market. As time progressed and more keywords hit, confidence rose and as of November 15, 2014, they are looking to roll this out to all 118 of their dealerships in phases.

The 300% increase in their internet traffic is significant and has led to an increase in sales far beyond the cost of this campaign. One reason we feel this went so well was because of the number of keywords being worked on. They all supported each other in various ways to enhance this project and provided the necessary variety to make this an overwhelming success.

Keyword Autocomplete Illustrated

300% Traffic Increase

The result of ranking these keywords with the autocomplete resulted in a 300% gain in traffic to the websites with a corresponding increase in sales.

300% Traffic Increase

Number Of Newly Ranked Keywords

The primary goal of this marketing campaign was to rank organically for the most competitive keywords. This was achieved in mass with over 100 newly ranked keywords in the top positions of Google and Bing.

Number Of Newly Ranked Keywords

These new keywords were the source of most of the traffic increase with the new autocomplete acting as branding.