Google Penalty Recovery

30 Day Chart Stats

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Site Removed By Google Returns From Penalty In 30 Days!

This project was launched August 1, 2014. At the time, the Law Firm had hired a new SEO contractor to build a brand new, from scratch site because, according to several experts, including said SEO contractor; the site had been "de-indexed" by Google for various penalties.

During the initial discussion with the contractor and the Firm, we shared that they ought to consider waiting before building a new site and throwing away years of built up authority within Google. We explained that our process is powerful and that we've seen sites recover from penalties without doing anything more than using our services.

Local & Organic Ranking For "Injury Lawyer"

Within 30 days, as you can see on the charts, the site came roaring back into the Search Results. Traffic spiked, rankings returned, and as of January 12, 2015, this client claimed the number one Organic Ranking position and the second Organic Map position for the most competitive, broad match keyword in their market, "Injury Lawyer."

Local and Organic Ranking For Injury Lawyer

Rankings increased within the first 30 days and have continually increased month after month since the beginning of the campaign.

Local Maps Rankings Increased From 50th Result To Top 10 For 48 Keywords

Google Maps and Local rankings rapidly increased in both position and volume. The Law Firm now enjoys nearly 50 top ten Organic Map Rankings for prominent, highly competitive Injury and Accident Keywords.

Local Maps Rankings Increased From 50th Result To Top 10 For 48 Keywords

This project began with 25 keywords. Within 30 days, suddenly the site reappeared in the Search Results. Prior to beginning this campaign, The Firm had decided to follow the advice of the newly hired SEO contractor and abandon their legacy site. Upon seeing the rapid recovery after the first 30 days, they reversed that decision and decided to continue forward with their original site, which is no longer penalized by the poor SEO practices previously employed.

Full Google Penalty Recovery Achieved!

The graphics below demonstrate the rapid increase in traffic that occurred after initiating our process as the site reappeared in Google Search Results and again began receiving organic traffic. The client as since increased their campaign from the original 25 keywords, to over 100 phrases. As of January 12, 2015, they are also ranking for national keyword phrases in medical malpractice, which is a highly competitive and sought after niche by Injury Lawyers.

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